FREE Lego Mini Build for August

August 4th, 2011

Want some FREE Lego fun and creativity? This month’s FREE Lego mini-build is up and ready for download!

Each month Lego retail stores offer free Lego mini build events where children can visit the store, get a free Mini Build kit and have fun building and playing in the store. (And yep, it is all absolutely FREE!!)

A Mini Build is a small, building project that is still big on fun. This month kids can celebrate fun in the Florida sun with a build commemorating the new LegoLand opening near Orlando later this year.

Contact your store to find out when the mini build event is near you.

If you cannot make it in to a Lego retail store, you can still join in the fun from home.

Just download the Mini Build instructions for free. You can only download  this month’s Mini Build instructions through Tuesday, August 9. After that the instructions will archived, so get to it!

You might consider downloading the instructions, printing them, gathering the Lego bricks needed and putting it all in a small bag for a something to do on your next trip, or the next time boredom strikes.

And if you’re in Orlando before the new LegoLand opens (or even after), consider checking out my post on L.egos and Lunch in Downtown Disney.

Happy building!

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