One-Week Packing List

September 8th, 2009

I’m a firm believer in doing laundry (or having it done) on vacation. I’d much rather carry lighter suitcases and wash clothes than lug extra stuff to and from a destination. With three kids, I feel like I have enough to pack without bringing a fresh set of clothes for each day.

I developed this checklist to follow on every trip that lasts about a week or more.I print a new one for each trip and check things off as I pack.

Feel free to print this post for yourself, file it and use it as your own checklist. Just pencil in anything you’d like to add. And, while you are at it, please send a comment telling me what else you did pack so we can all learn from your ideas.

Now, on with our one-week packing list:

3-4 coordinating/ mix and match outfits for each of us

Underwear (4 pairs for each child)

2 pairs of pajamas for each

Pull-ups as needed for bedtime

Any special outfits as needed

Exercise clothing

Weather appropriate clothing/ gear (i.e. jackets

or swim suits and all that go with them)

3-4 pairs socks


sandals (if appropriate)

Emergency med stash

    Regular meds

    Nail clippers

    Contact lens container, cleaner




    Makeup remover

    Cetaphil face soap (can also use for kids/babies)

    Face lotion

    Sunscreen and/ or bug repellent as needed



    Kid toothpaste


    Brushes and hair accessories

    Flashlight and booklight


    Masking tape and Sharpie

    iPod (with lullabies and audio books loaded)

    iPod speakers

    a few toys to play with at our destination

    a few books, including bedtime stories

    Nighttime lovies



    Books I hope to read (I can dream… Sometimes it happens.)

    Laptop and charger (I typically carry this, though.)

    All appropriate chargers

    Camera (I typically carry this, though.)

    Purse (I pack this in my suitcase and carry a backpack in transit to keep my hands free)

    Carry on stuff (If interested in this, please check my post on this for the details.)

    A few things I do to prepare/ pack:

    • Pack bags to check (and check weight)
    • Pack each child’s carry-on bag
    • Pack my carry-on bag
    • Charge all electronics
    • Clear camera memory card and backup as
    • needed
    • Sync iPod
    • Coordinate house/ animal care
    • Empty trash
    • Give away, trash or refrigerate any produce on the counters
    • Unload dishwasher and rinse or wash anything remaining
    • Print boarding passes and travel notes
    • Figure out my car seat/ booster plan
    • Pray for safe and rewarding travels
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    6 Responses to “One-Week Packing List”

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    2. Somebody's Mimi on September 9, 2009 2:53 pm

      WOW that’s a long list! If I had all of that to pack I think I would be tired before I even started on a trip.

    3. Jen on September 16, 2009 9:25 am

      Amy your packing lists are almost identical to mine! Right down to pack the purse carry a backpack! Great minds think alike :-)

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    6. Ava on January 27, 2013 9:39 pm

      I love your list. I would add deoderant though! :)

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